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Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, First Aid, Land Navigation, Core Body Temperature Maintenance, and Situational Awareness

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Patriot Survival School Courses

As a tight knit group of Military Trained Army Rangers and Special Forces Operatives, our task is to provide the civilian student the absolute best and most comprehensive skills in Urban and Wilderness Survival, Disaster Preparedness, Wilderness First Aid, Escape & Evasion, Military Tactical Training and much more. All of our courses use Military POI’s (Plan of Instruction) to insure that each student, upon course completion, is capable and qualified to endure and survive almost anything that comes their way. Our Motto: “Semper Disciplina” … Means “Always Training” or more accurately, “Always Teaching”. This is our goal for each and every student, in each and every course.

Bug-Out Boot Camp: Level I

Join us for 40 hours of action oriented preparation. We will teach you the basics of Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, First Aid, Land Navigation, Core Body Temperature Maintenance, and Situational Awareness so you will gain some of the necessary skills to meet any unexpected emergency in the future. This is a Foundational Course at Patriot Survival School and is a Prerequisite for ALL other courses.

Hear About What You Will Learn

At Patriot Survival School, we provide a comfortable and controlled environment so that you can learn and practice critical survival skills. Our entire staff and facility are committed to your learning experience. From the moment you pass through the PATRIOT GATE and onto the property, you will be surrounded with survival experiences and information. Our courses are not designed to just SHOW you, but rather to ENGAGE you in the real world of survival.

Meals are included as well as a great place to pitch your tent. Forty Bunk House locations are available on a FIRST-COME basis. You may bring any snacks you desire, just don’t litter. Our Student to Instructor Ratio is usually about 10-to-1 with ALL Instructors being highly trained and fully committed to your experience in our 500 acre classroom. Your 40 hours with us will be more like a fun camping trip with great instructors to help you learn the skills needed to survive.

Bug-Out Boot Camp: Level II

This 40 hour course is a continuation of BOBC Level I wherein we will expound on the information taught and continue to hone those skills. Additional topics covered will be: Escape & Evasion, Camouflage & Concealment and Introduction into Wildlife Tracking.

Bug-Out Boot Camp: Level III

This 3 day course is a continuation of Levels I & II and it concludes the BOBC Series. By the time you finish this course, you should have a good handle on skills that you need to survive. Topics we will cover include: Medicinal Plants, Escaping Restraints, Creating Improvised Weapons and Moving with Stealth Techniques. There will be a FINAL Exam to pass this course and PASSING is the first step in qualifying you for our TACTICAL WARRIOR Series Courses.

Tactical Warrior Series: Levels I, II, III

The Tactical Warrior Courses continues your education in wilderness meal preparation including Wild Game, Edible and Medicinal Plants, Wilderness Hygiene and also includes subjects such as SERE Training, Leadership & Combat Tactics, Advanced Land Navigation, Wilderness First Aid, Animal Tracking, Survival Tools, Security Postures and Actions on Contact, Tactical Hand Signals, Small Arms Weapons Training and Shooting Skills. Prerequisites to this course are successful completion of the Bug-Out Boot Camp series. Enrollment in this course is by invitation only.

Advanced Scout Series Levels I, II, III

The Advanced Scout Courses are a continuation of the Bug-Out Boot Camp Series and the Tactical Warrior Series courses. This course is based on Army Ranger and Special Forces programs created for the U.S. Army and instructed by our elite military instructors. This course includes but is not limited to; Advanced Training in Camouflage and Concealment, Escape and Evasion, Advanced Field Craft Skills, Long-Range Sniper Shooting Skills, Stealth Field Movement and Intelligence Gathering Techniques. Emphasis in this course will be Intelligence gathering, Stealth Movement techniques, Tactical Tracking and Scout Team Leadership training. Prerequisites to this course are successful completion of Bug-Out Boot Camp series and Tactical Warrior series. Enrollment in this course is by invitation only. Level III of this course is a five-day exercise that includes a tactical survival and evasion scenario.

Additionally, we also conduct weekend workshops in such topics as: survival trapping and fishing, building primitive shelters, home preparedness seminars, personal survival self-defense, canning food, soap making, beekeeping, edible and medicinal plants and much more.

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